SVIMA is a non-profit/non-governmental organisation founded in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1998 and registered under the Law on Associations of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette, No. 74/14).

SVIMA is a project-based organisation that carries out developmental work in three main interlinked areas:
1. Education provision for children & youth in community-based and formal education institutions-based settings
The developmental work in this area encompasses: community-based non formal learning for children (ages 5-14) and youth (ages 15-30), community-based intergenerational learning, equality of opportunity in education, inclusive education, capacity building of educational institutions from pre-school to secondary school level (through joint projects, extra-curricular activities and service-learning/community engagement), quality assurance in education.

2. Social services for marginalised/vulnerable/at-risk children & youth
The developmental work in this area encompasses: promotion & protection of children rights, non-institutional social services for children & youth without adequate parental care, community-based inclusion of special needs children, direct work with NEET youth (not in education, employment or training), children & youth violence prevention, children & youth substance abuse prevention.

3. Development of social capital in rural/geographically isolated communities
The developmental work in this area encompasses: facilitating deployment of various forms of participatory practices and social inclusion initiatives in local communities based on (i) intergenerational solidarity, (ii) intergenerational/lifelong learning (ages 18+), (iii) the potential of local cultural/natural heritage and/or (iv) the promotion of the smart community/smart village/smart island concept and relevant solutions.

SVIMA resources include:
• pool of highly qualified experts (employees, associate experts, supervisory board members, volunteers) with interdisciplinary competencies and know-how in the aforementioned areas
• more than 20 years of experience of operating/working within the framework of local, regional, national and international projects respectively, which include diverse project activities: workshops, seminars, courses, study visits, exchanges, field trips, peer-reviews/peer-learning, conferences, camps/bootcamps, hackathons, informative/advocacy campaigns, researches, development of innovative solutions (curricula, learner-centred methods, social services)
• on-the-ground experience of multisectoral collaboration with civil society organisations, public/private education institutions (at all levels of the education system), public institutions in the social welfare system, local authorities, research institutions, SMEs
• Zagreb-based office (main office)
• the island of Vis-based office (the island of Vis is arguably one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, with unspoiled nature, rich history and cultural heritage, located off Croatia’s southern Adriatic coast about 45 km from the mainland).

The activities/projects of SVIMA were/are funded by:
• line ministries of the Republic of Croatia (operating in the following sectors: education, youth, social welfare, regional development, health)
• local authorities (the Town of Zagreb, the Town of Vis, the Town of Komiža)
• National Foundation for Civil Society Development
• The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of the Republic of Croatia
• HelpAge International
• European Union (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance – IPA, European Social Fund, Erasmus+ 2014-2020).