In November 2016, a consortium of three Croatian associations – Association SVIMA, Otočni sabor–Association for the Development of Croatian Islands, Association for the Sustainable Development of the Rava Island – commenced the implementation of the project „ACTIVE YOUNG ISLANDERS FOR SMART SMALL ISLANDS”.

The project seeks to equip the young inhabitants (aged 15 – 25) of several Croatian small islands with policy-tracking, communications, advocacy and campaigning knowledge & skills. Relevant project’s activities will be primarily based on the extensive promotion of the “Smart Islands” concept.  With the concept/term “Smart Islands”, the aforementioned project consortium is specifically referring to a European insular area that creates sustainable local economic development and a high quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas of sustainability, such as the economy, mobility, energy, environment, ICT, water, education, human capital and demonstrates excellence in governance.

The key project’s activities are as follows:

  • Tailor-made workshops for young islanders and respective public panel discussions entitled “Smart small islands in the Republic of Croatia and active contribution of young islanders – reality or utopia” with a participation of relevant Croatian Members of the European Parliament / members of the European Economic and Social Committee
  • An action research / a public panel discussion on the young women representation in the small islands’ decision-making process/in the small islands-based governing & management structures”
  • An advocacy campaign during which the young islanders will have an opportunity to clearly articulate to relevant decision-makers (line ministries & Croatian Parliament’s Committees) as well as the general public on their opinions/concerns with regard to transformative development agenda of Croatian small islands based on the “smart islands” concept.


The project is financed by the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia.