Monthly Archives: July 2016

Movie workshops

Movie workshops and recording for the needs of amateur documentary film “Living on the island” with head of operations Juliette Janušić, prof. Croatian language. Throughout the workshop in several meetings we went through professional terminology related to contemporary world and Croatian documentary movie. It was pointed to the link between the documentary and the island, following which were presented and analysed short documentary movies from  Mate Bogdanovic “Nikur je umor” and “Djetinjstvo i more” and for comparison inserts of recently recorded documentaries – secondary school works, in which young people was especially interested. There were watched the contemporary Croatian short documentary films produced by Fade In, as well as the award-winning “Gangster te voli”. In the context of the (post) production and assembly, they watched their own recorded material as a result of the practical elements of film workshops.

Workshop on active citizenship

How and where the island and civic action projects are created, young people and their mentors learned from the president of the association SVIMA Veronika Borčić during the workshop on active citizenship and visit the office of the Association in the town of Vis and visit program of the association Palagruza

Sustainable development workshops

The issue of sustainable development is covered by two workshops. On the beach Tepluš in Rukavac, the workshop “hazards due to contamination of natural resources and forms of environmental action in the case of marine waste and environmental action to clean beach” where was provided disturbing data on pollution of the sea and the dangers of plastic waste.

Workshop “Extensive / traditional / organic agriculture in the case of olive growing” Where were explained all segments of processing olive trees in the olive grove, with an emphasis on composting and processing agricultural by-products / from olive into organic fertilizer. The second part of the workshop was dedicated to organic olive oil and has demonstrated the process of tasting and evaluating olive oil organoleptic method.

“Little School of English”

“Little School of English” under the direction of Anne Vodanović, prof. English and history, with a focus on the conversation and practice of paraphrasing in English, in which the young people also toured the Archaeological Collection Issa and attractive cultural monuments / sites of the oldest part of town Vis . English language was studied also trough interpretation of culinary recipes for two of the most famous dishes that are prepared on culinary workshops. Participants learned new concepts, improved the skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading in English, restored the knowledge gained on other workshops, connecting into a whole, and also revised the old English skills.


In the period from 24 June to 1 July 2016, the project PERSONAL TUTORING FOR independence and employment of youth without parental care, 5: Support the expansion of social networks and the inclusion of target groups in the community, it was conducted a week-long visit of young people and their mentor to island Vis, set as a summer school / camp and a combination of free time and organized spending educational but fun and interactive activities, workshops, excursions and sightseeing. Venues were Rukavac, Komiža and Vis, external / s associates / s, experts / activists for specific areas also participated in activities.


With original Island speech and interesting stories from Komiža, culinary workshops were held. A unique experience and pleasure for all senses. Workshop included cooking and baking domestic meals and cakes.

Journalism workshops

Experienced journalist Diana Pribačić Juric led the journalism workshops during which young people learned the media and journalistic types and talked with them about the importance of media literacy and as well as investigative journalism. It was indicated to them to approach their stay on the Island in journalistic way in order to choose appropriate content that they will write themselves, and led them through all stages of a making a newspaper article. As an integral part of journalism workshop was practical work, and compiling news, reports and stories, together they were designed and ultimately published in the media.