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ECDL course – knowledge for the future

The project ” Personal mentoring in a function of independence and employment of young people without adequate parental care “which is supported by the European Social Fund,  among other things, 10 users from Children’s Home Zagreb has registered for the course for ECDL operator. The course includes Module 1 Basics of Computer, Module 2 Basics of communication, Module 3 Word Processing, and Module 4 Spreadsheets. Once they have successfully passed the tests given, young people will gain certificates for ECDL operator that is valid in EU member states and other countries.

It was impossible to imagine strengthening the competencies of young people and their competitiveness in the labor market without these skills, Since the young students had different levels of knowledge it was unavoidable additional mentoring support during preparations for the exam. The joint effort had given the positive results.

from everyday support – personal mentor and participant in learning and exam preparation for ECDL operator


One of the activities in the cooperation between the Association of SVIMA and Children’s Home Zagreb” personally mentoring in a function of independence and employment of young people without adequate parental care” which is supported by the European Social Fund is the establishment of an electronic database of user provided by this institution. Conceived as an initial step in the computerization of recording and tracking of user groups, the database contains default basic information about each user at the institutional level (all branches) for mandatory reporting requirements. Set to allow further elaboration harmonized with the development in a system of social welfare, and the total capacity of all required data. In this form due to faster availability of data we will reduce the efforts and shorten the time that was needed for data collection and processing of the individual and on the level of groups.

From the training “the use of a new database”