Information about the partnership project „Personal mentorship in function of preparing youth without proper parental care for indpendence and employment“ implemented by the Association SVIMA and Home for children Zagreb

The service of personal mentorship is based on the individual work with youth and testing and implementation of new methodological approach in work with users.

In order to develop new service,  during the last period, activities were focused on the establishment of professional capacities and organisation of the service.

During the education called „Assertiveness„ mentorship team has practised skills to recognize violent communication (especially passive one) and usage of assertive responses in setting out limits to the other in standing out for yourself. Some of the photos from the education led by Ph.D. Martina Ferić.

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Youth, users of the service of personal mentorship have attended the education about assertiveness.




Mentorship team has also attended education „Individual planning“ led by Nives Radeljić (Association SVIMA).




Some of the photos from the education about the implementation of new methods in work with the users.



How users see the role of personal mentor and what are their expectations they have shown on posters with the subject „Vision of the role of personal mentor“.


Individual evaluation  and inclusion of users in additional education of formal and non-formal status in relation with their interests and estimated needs on the labor market is ongoing. After six months of implementation of the project, mentorship team has been included in the evaluation of the activities and experiences in providing the service of personal mentorship.


In the next period the evaluation will include users of this service. All the experiences collected trough the development of the service of personal mentorship will be available to the other users trough the Manual about the personal mentorship which will be published in the final period of the project.