The project “Eco Business and Youth”

Project title: Eco Business and Youth

Project Summary: The project “Eco Business and Youth” lasted for eight months (from May until December 2015) while the activities were held at the end of May in a village Rukavac on the Vis island. Croatian National Agency for mobility and EU programs funded this project with 48.808,00kn. The project included Croatia as the host country and 3 partner countries: Latvia, Finland and Turkey. Four young participants (15 till 24 years) and one team leader from each country participated in the project so the total number of participants was 20.

Main objectives of the project were promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture among youth, development of business ideas that are in compliance with the principles of sustainable economy and encouraging self-employment and employment of young people. By the use of various methods participants were introduced with forms of ecological entrepreneurship (green entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship), possibilities for realisation of their own ideas, starting up their own business (start up incubators/business angels, crowdfunding). Also, participants were encouraged to explore the topic, learn new expressions and words from the world of business thus improving the skills necessary for the labour market: standing up for yourself, presentation of ideas, public speaking, communication in foreign language, marketing skills, teamwork, creative expression and other practical skills.

Moreover, the project aimed to promote intercultural dialogue, solidarity and tolerance, outdoor activities and encouraging youth to take up a more active role in the creation of youth policy.

Project partners: TREPES  (Riga,Latvija), SKUNK (Kumlinge,Finska), Yalova University (Yalova,Turska)

Approved amount: 8.250,00 EUR