The project „Be Sustainable, Be Cool“

Project title: Be Sustainable, Be Cool

Project summary: The project „Be Sustainable, Be Cool“ lasted for three months from August till December 2014 while the six-day activities were held at the end of  October in the village Rukavac on the Vis Island. The project included Croatia as the host country and 4 partner countries : Italy, Slovenia, Macedonia and Latvia. Four young participants (18-25 years) and one team leader from each country participated in the project so the total number of participants was 25.

Main objective of the project is understanding and promoting principles of sustainable development during socio-cultural dialogue among young people from different European countries. The participants through various forms of non formal and informal learning acquired useful information on alternative economic models and its principles and practical implementation. Main focus was given to active participation of participants and exchange of experiences and examples of good practices from their own countries related to alternative economic models that comply with sustainable development principles.

Also, the project aimed to promote healthy lifestyle, open air activities, intercultural dialogue, solidarity and development of entrepreneurial skills among young people that subsequently encourage young people to take a more active role and make changes in the society.

Project partners: TREPES (Riga, Latvija), CID (Kumanovo, Makedonija), KUD PLAC (Metlika, Slovenija)

Approves amount: 9.080,00 EUR